Entry Period

15th December 2023 to 20th February 2024.


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Target Applicant

Children aged 15 years old and younger.


Terms and Conditions

Age Categories

  • Category One:          7 years old and younger.
  • Category Two:         8 – 11 years old.
  • Category Three:      12 – 15 years old.

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7 Years & Under - 1st Place

Siaola Ohi

Toyota McQueen Car

This is my favorite cartoon. I want to have a Toyota Mcqueenin the future.

7 Years & Under - 2nd Place

Elshaddai Chan

Toyota GT86 Sports Car

The reason why I choose the GT86 Toyota for my Dream Car is because I love sports car. I wish I woke up one day and it’s already stand outside or in front of my house.

7 Years & Under - 3rd Place

Etuale Alofa

Flying Car

This is my Dream Car. Its call the Flying Car. I always Dream to fly and explore all country around the world up through the sky to see the beautiful world.

8 to 11 Years - 1st Place

Atonio Felise-Ioka

My Dream Car that I draw is in the outer space. The reason why is because I love to watch whats going on in the outer space and would love to explore the outer space.

8 to 11 Years - 2nd Place

Risatisone Leifi

Toyota Tundra

My Dream Car is a truck like the Toyota Tundra and I want the car to be Black and I want Silver rims.

8 to 11 Years - 3rd Place

Peni Solaita

My Dream Car is a submarine Car.

12 to 15 Years - 1st Place

Tamara Aifesili

My Car is Toyota Pick Up Truck. Ts red cause that colour stands out. Its useful to do many thingsas travelling, carrying lots of things and for me to ride around and have some fresh air.

12 to 15 Years - 2nd Place

Finuaga Lomu

Apex TRC Automobile

My Dream car is a Super car that has big tyres with cool Blue rings and neon green with Blur Colour designs. My Dream car uses solar energy to Fuel its battery and it’s so fast to drive.

12 to 15 Years - 3rd Place

Baja Schuster

My future car.